Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira will give an exclusive performance in the opening of the Mundo Stage on the festival's first day, September 27.  

"When we thought about the opening concert, we looked for something that would actually move the people, that would impact them in a different way.  Having Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira open the first day of our event is a privilege and a great opportunity for all our guests to get in touch with music performed with unique quality. This concert will portray what we've been doing since our first edition – to gather people in times of peace and harmony – and reinforce the construction of a better world", says Roberta Medina, Rock in Rio's vice president. 

Conducted by Silvio Viegas, invited by Rock in Rio to conduct the OSB, the orchestra will be made up of 68 who will go on stage to reaffirm what Rock in Rio has stood for since the 1985 edition: the importance of acting together for the world, of the union of people working towards a better world. The show has arrangements by conductors Eduardo Souto Neto and Nelson Ayres and was titled "Rock Suite", inspired by the concept "Eve+yone for a Better World". OSB will pay tribute to rock music of Brazil and the world, including songs that are part of the history of rock and, of course, Rock in Rio. All told, 25 tunes will be part of the orchestra's set list.

The solos that will be played include: "You've Got a Friend" (James Taylor), on trumpet; "Every Breath You Take" (The Police), on saxophone; and the emblematic "Love of My Life" (Queen), which has become a part not only of Rock in Rio's history but also of the life of thousands of people. This one will be performed in a breathtaking oboe solo. Another Queen number will be played, "Bohemian Rhapsody", this time with the entire Orquestra Sinfônica Brasileira. The show also includes "Help" (Beatles), "Satisfaction" (Rolling Stones),"Losing My Religion" (R.E.M), "Sweet Child of Mine"(Guns N'Roses), "Viva la Vida"  (Coldplay), "Fear of The Dark" (Iron Maiden), "Pro Dia Nascer Feliz" (Cazuza e Frejat), "Será" (Legião Urbana), "Tempos Modernos" (Lulu Santos) and "Pintura Íntima" (Kid Abelha), among others.

"The concept of an orchestra has is totally in tune with what Rock in Rio contains of the movement For a Better World, which is to connect people for a common purpose and use music as a promoter of contents. For us, musicians, is a way to gather a large number of artists on stage for a common person. In this edition will deliver rock music in a special form for the audience. Songs they are familiar with, but with a new sound. It will be a striking time for everyone", says conductor Silvio Viegas. 

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