Sunset Stage will be promoting unforgettable meetings during Rock in Rio 2019, and on October 3 Carimbó will meet tecnobrega, guitarradas, lambadas and even cumbia. Hailed as the queen of "carimbó chamegado", Dona Onete, who will just have turned 80 years old by then, is responsible for guiding the public on a trip through the rhythms that pulsate on Pará rivers with the spectacle “Pará Pop”. On stage,  she and her band, led by Pio Lobato, will be joined by divas such as Fafá de Belém and Gaby Amarantos, Jaloo and his Amazonian electronic pop and Lucas Estrela, considered an exponent of the guitarrada renewal. 

About Dona Onete 

Dona Onete is a congenial 79-year-old singer from Pará, born in Cachoeira do Arararí. She taught History for 25 years, served as Culture Secretary and founded regional dance and music groups as "Canarama" in the town of Igarapé-Miri, a traditional stronghold for good music. With over 300 compositions including boleros and "carimbó chamegado", the artist is promoting her self-penned songs from the third album, titled "Rebujo", scheduled for release in May 2019. Previous releases, “Feitiço Caboclo” (2012) and “Banzeiro” (2016), achieved international status with a successful tour in Europe. In 2017, she entered the World Music Charts Europe Top 20 with the track “Banzeiro”, peaking at number 1 in August. On stage, Onete is accompanied by a band led by guitarist and musical researcher Pio Lobato, Vovô on the drums, JP Cavalcante on the Amazonian percussion, Breno Oliveira on the bass guitar, and Marcus Sarrazin on the keyboards and sax. 

 About Gaby Amarantos 

Born in the Jurunas district, on the outskirts of Belém, Gaby Amarantos  is one of the artists that were responsible for the emergence and dissemination of tecnobrega, a rhythm that took  the Northern Region of Brazil by storm. In addition to being a singer and songwriter, the lady from Pará is currently a member of the TV show Saia Justa, on GNT, and landed the leading role in the movie "Serial Kelly", to debut in 2019. Gaby has been nominated for a number of music awards, such as the Latin Grammy, MTV Video Music Awards - Brazil, where she swept the "Female Act" and "Act of the Year" categories, the Multishow Award, in which she won in the "New Hit" category, and received a trophy for best singer from Associação Paulista de Críticos de Arte,  being chosen as "Best Female Singer", "Best of the Year", among others. 

 About Lucas Estrela

Lucas Estrela presents landscapes that pervade his experiences in Belém do Pará through instrumental music. His first album, "Sal ou Moscou" (2016) portrays his life experiences in the frantic capital of Pará, his raw materials are guitarrada and tecnobrega, influenced by the musician and producer Pio Lobato, his idol and collaborator. Lucas recorded his sophomore album in 2017. Sponsored by Natura Musical, "Farol" experiments with carimbó, digital music and tecnoguitarrada, which was introduced on his debut album.

About Fafá de Belém 

Fafá de Belém, born in Belém as Maria de Fátima Palha de Figueiredo, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and actress.  Fafá rose to national stardom when, in 1975, the song "Filho da Bahia" was featured on the soundtrack of the soap opera Gabriela. The singer celebrates her 44th career anniversary in 2019, boasting over 15 million albums sold in Brazil and Portugal. She has recorded more than 30 albums, DVDs and EPs, in addition to being featured on hits collections and collaborating with other artists. She has approximately 50 songs that became soap opera and TV special themes and several domestic and international shows and tours, performing in countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and, especially, Portugal. Currently, Fafá de Belém is on tour to support the release of the DVD “Do Tamanho Certo para o Meu Sorriso”. Concomitantly, she has been traveling across Brazil with the show “Guitarradas do Pará”, in which she gathers songs from her entire career, accompanied by the "guitarrada kings", the musicians Manuel and Felipe Cordeiro. 

About Jaloo 

Singer, DJ and music producer Jaloo was born in Castanhal, Pará, and since 2010 has been prominent on the electronic and indie music scene. In 2015, he dropped his first full-length album titled "#1", with tracks such as "Ah! Dor!”, “A Cidade” and “Last Dance”, which bring elements from indietronica, tecnobrega and indie pop. Currently, he is promoting the singles ''Say Goodbye'',in collaboration with Bad Sista, "Céu Azul", with MC Tha, and "Cira, Regina and Nana" with Lucas Santtana, off the album "ft", whose release is slated for 2019.

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