“Tod+s por um mundo melhor”

Rock in Rio engages fans in building "a better world"

Since its first edition, in 1985, Rock in Rio works to build a better world. And due to believing in this movement, the festival, which has gathered a whole youth to celebrate the return of democracy and has stopped for three minutes of silence asking for peace, amongst many other initiatives, now uses all its strength in incorporating the word “Tod+s” (all together) to the motto “For a Better World” and empowering its audience for collective building.

“With each edition we look inside and rethink how to get even more involved in this purpose. To ratify this moment, we have adopted the plus symbol, “+”, which means the union of the festival to the attitudes we believe. With this change, we want to expand our universe and encourage the public to participate and show the transformative power that each one has within society”, calls Roberta Medina, vice president of Rock in Rio. 

The purpose of building a better world was also what motivated the partnership with Natura, which is a reference in sustainability and positive impact actions. The brands came together to co-build a new attraction for the festival and to develop engagement actions for transformation. One of the consequences of this partnership will be a digital challenge that proposes that people create new habits and manage their own changes, as a milestone in their lives, like those resolutions of a coming year. In total, there will be 21 challenges.

“A provocation that will win our communication channels for the public to show that they are able to change habits not only individually but especially collectively. We will use our whole communication platform as an attitude driver”, says Roberta.

“Natura is a company that was born with strong concern for people and the world. Throughout the years, we have established an ambition to generate positive impact in the social, environmental, economic and cultural spheres, generating and sharing riches for our audiences and we understand that people's engagement is the key to the transformation Natura seeks with the O Mundo Mais Bonito Com Você (The World is More Beautiful with You) movement”, says Maria Paula Fonseca, Global Brand Director.

Videos of challenges posted by fans and influencers can get the big screen on Mundo Stage

The action will come to life from the social networks of Rock in Rio and Natura - Instagram and Facebook. In total, there will be 21 challenges divided into seven days, in other worlds, three accomplishments per day, which embrace three different themes: Challenge yourself; Connect to others; and Embrace your planet. 

For each one of these subjects, there is one relation of seven possible and feasible victories. And, by the end of the year, a much more capable and ready to fight collective “For a Better World”. 

Amongst some of the proposed challenges, there are: 

Praise yourself in the mirror

Give someone a compliment

Look for a green space near you, get in touch with nature. Enjoy the beauty of the planet.

Do not let the tiredness of the week overwhelm your day. Every two hours, stop a couple of minutes, stretch and hydrate.

Today is the day to celebrate the week, meet friends and catch up.

Have you ever thought that you cannot throw away trash? Our residues stay in our planet forever. Try spending the whole day without using disposable products. Give preference to reusable cups, mugs and sustainable straws.

How about meeting a band that you don't know and exploring new styles?

Give away your time, try helping someone

 The most engaged people will have their posts replicated on the Rock in Rio social media. In addition to that, to amplify the message for a better and more beautiful world, users and influencers who record video sharing the experience of participating in the action can appear on the Mundo Stage screen during the seven days of Rock in Rio.

Fans 4 Change – Auction for a Better World

For those who believe that a better world is possible, it will be even more incredible with the auction of musical instruments that will be made from the donations of artists and their signature. On August 26, the items may already be acquired through the “É Solidar” platform – www.esolidar.com (responsible for all auctions held by Rock in Rio). There are various types of items, from cymbals and guitars signed by the band Marron 5, guitars from Justin Timberlake, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paralamas do Sucesso, Ivete Sangalo, amongst others. Since the first auction, held on 2016, the collection is almost at BRL 500 thousand. In this edition, as well as in 2017, all amount raised will have as its destination the planting of trees in Amazônia, being managed by FUNBIO and executed by ISA.

“To Rock in Rio, Rock is a positive, questioning attitude, with a transformative potential. The festival is a platform to connect people with different tastes, origins and opinions. Our dream is that, regardless of how they get there, they leave the place energized and attuned, ready to adopt positive attitudes that create a better future for everyone today. Amazonia Live materializes what we believe in”, explains Roberta. 

In Education, Rock in Rio mobilizes students from public schools and encourages the construction of a better world through music.

Rock in Rio promotes, in partnership with the State and Municipal Departments of Education, a writing contest in public schools. In total, 500 students will be awarded, and they will have the right to a pair of Rock in Rio tickets. The action will total a delivery of one thousand tickets. 

In the state, the contest will be held in schools located in the communities from which the artists who will perform at Espaço Favela, a new event area for the 2019 edition, come from. The selection of the texts will be done by teachers and the entire regulation will be the responsibility of SEEDUC (State Department of Education), which will engage young people on the theme “All Together for a Better World”. They must bring ideas which are within their reach to transform the city in a better Rio for every one of us.

In the municipality, the theme will be “How I Found Music” and the project encourages innovative writing and student experiences with music, as well as the impact of the activity on their worldview, expectations, ambitions and dreams. Students from the 9th Year of Elementary School may enroll. Each school will choose a single production to represent the School Unit with the CRE (Basic Education Coordination Office), which will evaluate the productions according to the criteria of clarity, cohesion, coherence and originality.

Rock in Rio partners value positive actions anytime and everywhere

To endorse this positioning of the “Tod+s Por Um Mundo Melhor” brand, the festival brings together companies that have the same look and direction. From these partnerships, a series of actions are always being developed based on the purpose of adopting practices that think of the collective. For this reason, one of the new additions to this edition is the selection of the award-winning Capim Santo, as the VIP Area Buffet. Taking into account the embassy of the contemporary Brazilian gastronomy in the country, the choice is not only based on quality and originality. Chef Morena Leite develops a remarkable social work with the Capim Santo Professional Training Institute, which, for almost 10 years, enables young people and adults at social risk for the gastronomy, hospitality and tourism market, promoting the Brazilian gastronomic culture, the sustainability and behavioral values. 

Amongst the new additions is that the Capim Santo Professional Training project will now have a chapter in Rio de Janeiro. The institute will train 25 people in the city, who will undergo training involving food safety, gastronomic and behavioral techniques. They will do business in various areas of the VIP area, from the kitchen to the guest room, with the most diverse tasks. This training is supported by Rock in Rio and Estácio. 

“Rock in Rio has as its essence to adopt positive attitudes which impact the world. Nothing more natural than to team up with partners and companies who believe in the same story we want to build as a legacy for a better world. We need to go further. With this project from Capim Santo, we will be uniting a known restaurant in Brazilian cuisine to a big social initiative. We are offering not only the best gastronomy service in a festival, as well as valuing training actions of transformation agents. Undoubtedly, it is a unique chance to consolidate our purpose in building a better world for everyone”, says Roberta Medina, vice president of Rock in Rio. 

“To me, cuisine is sharing - values, flavors, culture and health. I grew up in my mom’s kitchen, who was born in Trancoso, Bahia. I have lived experiences in Brazil and abroad, from Bahia to Paris, passing through London, Bali amongst many other places and, currently I am in Rio de Janeiro. This mixture of cultures makes us have a differentiated and welcoming look. Due to this, it is very relevant to Capim Santo and, I would say, essential to think about the others as someone who may complement us in a highly positive way. We welcome and empower people starting from the gastronomy and thus put it in another dimension. It is amazing to see this evolutions happening. Before training our hands, we train our hearts. Due to this, Capim Santo and Rock in Rio fit together so well, like a puzzle. Everyone, together, because we are stronger”, assures Morena Leite.


From 2001 to 2019 – From “For a Better World” to “Nave, Our Future is Now”

If in 2001, the “For a Better World” tent was one of the great attractions of the event, in this edition “Nave - Our Future is Now” promises to fulfill the role of materializing the discourse that in order to build the future it is necessary to change the present. From a co-creation between Rock in Rio and Natura during the festival, the Parque Olímpico velodrome will turn into a great immersive and sensory experience. Senses, stimuli, synchronicity and technology will change your inner rhythm. In 20 minutes sessions: impactful music, scenographic effects, 5,000 square meters of projections, where audience and images interact. An experience where time gains new dimension. One opportunity to meet again and find a new tune.

“NAVE is a powerful call to engage people in transforming the world into a more beautiful, empathetic and sustainable place”, he says. “We are based on the pillars that have always guided our work, which seeks a harmonious relationship between individuals, collectives and the planet, to make this call for the engagement of people in the transformation of our society”, concludes Maria Paula.

About “For a Better World”

Rock in Rio is the largest music and entertainment event in the world. Created in 1985, now 34 years old, it is a relevant part of the history of world music. The event already has 19 editions, 112 days, and 2,038 music attractions. Throughout the years, over 9.5 million people have been to the Cities of Rock. On social networks, the 2017 edition numbers can only be expressed as amazing. Around 143 million people reached through spontaneous conversations about Rock in Rio and 41.9 million video views on the festival’s networks on the days of the event alone.

First hosted in Rio de Janeiro, the event has conquered not only Brazil, but also Portugal, Spain and the United States, with the constant goal of sharing all styles of music with the most varied audiences. 

Unify people through music is one of the premises of Rock in Rio, which comes into existence with the purpose of transforming the world with music. From the impactful experience provided by the event, the audience feels the desire to build a better world by adopting more positive practices. “For a Better World” was created in 2001 as the purpose of the Rock in Rio brand, and since then the festival has used the power of its brand to show people that small, everyday attitudes are the way to build a better world.

During these 34 years, Rock in Rio has consolidated itself as a responsible event, guiding all its actions in the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. Since 2006, Rock in Rio compromises to minimize100% CO2 emissions in the event and to implement a comprehensive waste management plan. The event also developed a sustainability plan, which encompasses themes that are transversal to the organization, sponsors and suppliers. The work in constant review is perfected with each edition and used until today in all the countries where the festival is held. In 2013, Rock in Rio engages even brands to achieve the ISO 20121 - Sustainable Events certification. In 2016, it was time to announce the Rock in Rio Amazonia Live project, which has already secured the restoration of over 73 million trees and takes place in all editions of the event until 2019.

In terms of education, Rock in Rio trained 3,200 young people in elementary school in Rio de Janeiro; placed 760 solar panels in schools in Portugal; set up 14 sensory rooms in NGOs to cater for children with mental and visual disabilities, secured 2,200 musical instruments for more than 150 NGOs working on music as a tool for social inclusion; It set up 10 music halls in Rio de Janeiro municipal schools, contributed to the training of teachers and secured a craft for 40 young people as assistants to Luthier (professionals specialized in the making and maintenance of musical instruments). In 2019, Rock in Rio creates the LExU – Learning Experience Unit. This new business unit, which was born first in Portugal and later goes to Brazil, and has as its purpose to apply the capacity of Rock in Rio in building life-changing experiences in the field of Education, through the concept of edutainment (education e entertainment). LExU includes other initiatives such as the Rock in Rio Academy, which already has four editions held in Portugal and in Brazil.