The fun in Rock in Rio goes far beyond music. Our goal is to make sure the 14 hours of event each day are filled with fun. For this, the Cidade do Rock offers several activities, including rides that make the event become a large amusement park.

Ferris Wheel (sponsored by Itaú) - Located between the Sunset Stage and Rock Street Asia, opposite the Mundo Stage, the Ferris Wheel will operate from 2:00 pm to 2:00 am

It is the largest movable ferris wheel in Latin America.

With programmable RGB LED lights and two 7 square meters full color HD panels on the center axis 17 meters high.

24 gondolas for 6 passengers each, i.e. capacity for 144 people.

A special gondola for people with special needs (PWD). Wheel 35 follows the most modern concepts of accessibility and fully complies with the ABNT standard for Amusement Parks (ABNT 15,926), published in 2012.

At 35 meters high, the equipment provides a pleasant and comfortable family outing. It has a capacity of 9,000 people during a 12 h operation

Children under 03 (three) years old are not allowed in the Ferris Wheel, and children between 03 (three) and 08 (eight) years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Roller Coaster - Located in front of the Rock District

Operating from 2 pm to 2 am, the Roller Coaster has a 335 meters track, carrying 36 passengers per circuit on 3 trains, and capacity to serve 600 people/hour.

Roller coaster use is not allowed for people under 1.40 m in height.

Mega Drop (sponsored by Doritos) - Located in the New Dance Order area.

Mega Drop is the largest movable free fall tower in Brazil, with a height 40 meters height. 12 passengers per turn and with a capacity of 400 people/hour. Open daily from 2 pm to 2 am.

Mega Drop is not allowed for children under 8 (eight) years old and/or people under 1.50 m in height;

Zip Line (sponsored by Heineken) - Located in front of the Mundo Stage

The Zip Line stretches across the entire front of Mundo Stage and brings the rider face to face with the artist during the performances. Opening hours are from 2 pm to 2 am (operations can be interrupted due to safety reasons, unforeseen circumstances related to the festival or unfavorable weather conditions).

The Zip Line can only be used by people aged 15-17 whose legal representative (parent) accepts the conditions and signs the Disclaimer.

It is mandatory to show a document with proof of age.

To use it, people must be between 50 kg and 115 kg.