An important name on the Brazilian rock scene, Titãs will take Sunset Stage to celebrate the recognition of a career that spans over 30 years. The accomplished band that is already part of the festival history will bring their songs to sing along with the  audience in City of Rock in another unforgettable performance. Other great singers will join the rock band at the event, as  songstress Ana Cañas, who is best known for the soft voice with which she intones compositions that have been highly praised by the critics and the public. Talented rapper Edi Rock, member of Racionais MC's, will come up on stage with these artists to make the meeting even more exciting. Érika Martins, a former member of the rock band Penélope,  who were huge in the 2000s, will join this team of heavyweights on October 6.

About Titãs  

Titãs are one of the most acclaimed rock bands in the country. A tremendous success in the 80s, the current line-up consists of Branco Mello, Sérgio Britto and Tony Belloto, backed by Mário Fabre and Beto Lee. In 1986, the album “Cabeça Dinossauro” won over the public, and Titãs became known nationwide due to their political lyrics and rock'n'roll style. The band started playing gigs all over Brazil, and they are now on their 22nd tour across the country, performing in a more intimate format, “Titãs Trio Acústico”. During their career, they have put out over 20 albums, yielding classics as “Homem Primata” and “Polícia”.  Over 6 million copies have been sold. The musicians have won major awards from the music industry, such as the Latin Grammy for Best Brazilian Rock Album (2009), the Brazilian Music Award for Best Pop/Rock Group (1989, 2004, 2016), among others. The band was at the 1991, 2011, 2012 (Lisbon), 2015 and 2017 editions, from ballads to protest songs, they delivered awesome performances for all ages.  

About Ana Cañas 

In 2007, Ana released her first album “Amor e Caos”. The singer debuted in the music business to great critical acclaim and was considered the best breakthrough artist of the year. In 2008, Ana kept captivating the public and was nominated for a Multishow Award in the Best New Artist category. The artist's sophomore album “Hein?” included the participation of celebrated artists such as Arnaldo Antunes and Gilberto Gil on the acoustic guitar, and the song “Esconderijo” became a soap opera theme at the time. The album "Volta" came out in 2012 and subsequently became the show and DVD titled "Coração Inevitável",  which enlisted Ney Matogrosso as director and lighting designer. In 2015, Ana decided to release her first album for which she wrote all the material, featuring a more rock-oriented sound, while her latest work, “Todxs”, from 2018, is an independent, empowered, feminist album containing heavy electronic beats and sexy grooves. Produced by Thiago Barromeo and Ana Cañas, the record features  rapper Sombra (SNJ) and singer Chico Chico. 

About Edi Rock 

Singer and songwriter Edivaldo Pereira, aka Edi Rock, joined, in 1988, the famous rap group formed on the outskirts of São Paulo: Racionais MC’s. In his solo career, which is parallel with his stint with the group, the rapper released the album “Contra Nós Ninguém Será” (2013). Edi brought big names of the music business to write the tracks, such as Seu Jorge, Alexandre Carlo, of Natiruts, and singer Flora Mattos, pleasing the critics and fans who already used to follow his work with Racionais. This year, the single “Corre Neguin”, a collaboration with Xande de Pilares, became a smash hit on the social media, exceeding 500,000 views on YouTube.  

About Érika Martins 

Érika Martins,  still as a member of the now defunct rock band Penélope, participated in the 2001 edition of Rock in Rio. Her soft, characterful voice captivated the audience, and after the band broke up, Érika began her solo career, putting out three more albums, the last of which came out in 2013 with a modern rock style that was praised by music critics. Nowadays, the singer is a member of the Lafayette & Os Tremendões project, which covers Jovem Guarda songs, and is the vocalist of Autoramas, one of the most important bands on the rock scene, playing at major festivals across Brazil and having a  scheduled gig in Liverpool. Érika was nominated for the Latin Grammy, MTV's VMB and the Multishow Award (in the "best female singer" category). 

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