For this year’s edition of Rock in Rio, the audience can count on a large transportation plan to and from the Cidade do Rock. BRT, Metro Rio and Primeira Classe have prepared a special plan to serve the audience of 700,000 people who will attend the festival on September 27, 28 and 29 and October 3, 4, 5 and 6.

“The Rock in Rio experience needs to be complete from the moment the audience leaves home until they return. The city of Rio de Janeiro has an integrated transportation system that can serve the festival’s high demand. The entire operation is designed and executed by the transport operators, who are directly responsible for the entire plan.” Declares Ricardo Acto, Rock in Rio VP of Operations.

MetrôRio has prepared a special operation for the people going to Rock in Rio. Every day of the festival, the Jardim Oceânico (Barra da Tijuca) station, with connection to BRT, will be open 24 hours for boarding and disembarking. The other MetrôRio stations will work in the small hours, but only for disembarking.  

During the entire special operation for the festival, boarding will be allowed with the MetrôRio single-use cards and RioCard Mais cards. The single-use fare costs BRL 4,60. However, to access the BRT connection, the customer must have a RioCard Mais card loaded with sufficient balance for the return trip.

“To ensure the comfort of the customers going to Rock in Rio, our recommendation is for them to purchase or reload the card in advance. The fare is the same as other days of the week. The metro will be operating with more trains for going and returning from the concerts. In addition, there will be increased security and personnel at the stations and flow advisors to answer customer’s questions,” explained MetrôRio Operations Director Daniel Habib.



To get to the Cidade do Rock, concertgoers may use the special lines leaving the Jardim Oceânico Terminal directly to the festival or board any station or terminal of the 24-hour Transoeste, Transolimpica and Transcarioca lines. Since the Centro Olímpico Terminal will serve the Rock in Rio audience, the suggestion is to search for any line/service that goes through there. On the BRT website ( there is a list of the system’s lines and stations.

At the Jardim Oceânico Terminal, which offers connections with the subway, there will be signs indicating where to board the cars going straight to the Cidade do Rock, and personnel ready to answer any questions.

As in previous editions, on festival days, the Rio 2 station will be closed between midnight and 5 am and the Parque Olímpico station will only be open between 5 am and 11 am.

Remember that the BRT operation for the event will not make changes to the lines used daily by commuters.

“BRT transports the vast majority of Rock in Rio attendees. It amounts to about 70,000 passengers a day, including the workers who make the party happen. It is like boarding six full Maracanã stadiums during the whole festival. Therefore, there will be non-stop service and we will guarantee the operation that has always been praised in previous editions,” says BRT Executive President Luiz Carlos Martins.

Primeira Classe Transportation

The Primeira Classe Transportation has been a success in past editions and it remains the most comfortable transportation option to the Cidade do Rock this year. There will be 17 direct routes on executive buses. This is the only option that takes customers inside the Cidade do Rock, with an exclusive entrance. The return trip takes place the same way, leaving straight from inside the park. The fare is the same as in the last edition: BRL 100 round trip. However, this year the structure will offer much more comfort for the audience. Primeira Classe has the largest temporary bus terminal ever set up at a music festival. 

Ticket sale is open at, in the E-Voucher app, and is only made online. Customers of Primeira Classe must choose the preferred starting point, date and time, but may return at any time and to any destination (except Petrópolis route), departing every one hour from 10 pm, or according to the demand, and the last departures will be within two hours after the end of the Mundo Stage attractions.  

Everyone will have their own boarding vouchers that can only be used at the day, time and boarding site chosen at the time of purchase, and must be linked to the festival access bracelet through the E-Voucher app. Boardings will take place on a first-come, first-served basis, and the organizers recommend that passengers arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.


BusUP will have routes departing from the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, with access to Espaço Primeira Classe. Return trips with single departure will take place two hours after the last concert on Mundo Stage ends. Ticket sale is open on the website:

Riocard Mais can be used in all transport options to Rock in Rio

People who choose public transport to reach the Cidade do Rock can use Riocard Mais, the only card accepted on all transport options.

For customers who already have a Riocard Mais, it is advised to plan the cost to reach Rock in Rio and reload the transport card in advance. Credits can be purchased over the Internet or at physical points of sale. The card can be reloaded Simply and quickly on the Recarga Fácil website ( or the Riocard Mais app. Other options are reload machines, stores or accredited points. Customers can check the nearest place to buy or reload their cards in the address  

To make it easier for those who do not have a card, on festival days, Riocard Mais will have a special plan to sell a preloaded card in 26 BRT and MetrôRio stations. To learn more, visit the website (

Note: regardless of the period to exchange the old cards for Riocard Mais, all models will be accepted on municipal or intercity buses, subway and BRT.

Illegal Transport

In an attempt to curb the illegal transport of passengers and provide better security to the public from outside Rio de Janeiro, Rock in Rio will provide parking in the vicinity of the event for charter buses. Companies interested in operating this type of transportation should register at for a prior assessment by the festival organization. Approved vehicles will be posted on the festival website. With this transportation option, the public will have a safe and reliable alternative for their commute to the Cidade do Rock.