About the VIP Area

Stay tuned to every detail to provide the best experience for your audience is a Rock in Rio commitment.  At each edition, the event transforms itself to exceed fans' expectations. And the VIP Area is not different. Fully climate-controlled and with innovative design, this space receives five thousand people a day, including guests, sponsors, partners and supporters. One of the new additions of the space for 2019 is the selection of the award-winning restaurant Capim Santo, to serve the buffet in the VIP Area. Taking into account the embassy of the contemporary Brazilian gastronomy in the country, the choice is not only based on quality and originality. Chef Morena Leite develops a remarkable social work with the Capim Santo Professional Training Institute, which, for almost 10 years, enables young people and adults at social risk for the gastronomy, hospitality and tourism market, promoting the Brazilian gastronomic culture, the sustainability and behavioral values. 

With a cuisine rich in mixtures that brings cultural diversity in dishes that play with the contrasts, the chef will sign the 40 dishes that will be served exclusively to the space guests throughout the seven days of the event.

In the menu, a selection of the best ingredients and dishes, a mark of the excellence of Rock in Rio. Amongst them, tapioca churros with shrimp vatapá, heart of peach palm and plantain Moqueca with cashew nuts, served with coconut rice, creamy polenta with button mushroom ragu and spinach, amongst others. 


Size - 6250m² length

Total balcony: 3700m²

Roofed veranda: 915m²

Total Area of public floor 1: 3600 m² - Including stairs and ramp area

Total Area of public floor 0: 910 m²

Restroom area: 500 m² 

Buffet: Capim Santo.

Promoter: Carol Sampaio.