Every day of the event, Rock Street Asia will receive the Japanese drums show Wadaiko Sho. In Japanese, “Wadaiko” means the art of Japanese drums, while “Sho” means living: “Wadaiko Sho” is a life based on the art of Japanese drums. It is a therapy seeking to develop physical, mental, and social health using “taiko”. The proposal is to develop group awareness aiming at a more responsible and healthier environment. Created in 2002 by musical therapist Setsuo Kinoshita and sociologist Mitsue Iwamoto, its studio is located in the district of Vila Mariana, in São Paulo, and seeks to harmonize the geniuses of Brazilian and Japanese culture and the differences between them, both in its repertoire and its group activities.  A unique experience in the City of Rock!

Wadaiko Sho.JPG