Rock in Rio always innovates to surprise and to exceed the expectations of its audience. New Dance Order is another example of that. Not only will it be a completely new stage including a huge structure with laser shows, performances, and fireworks, a web series has just been launched to give context to the whole story that will be told through it. This will be the first 4-episode season of the animation short film web series. Each edition of Rock in Rio will present a new season of the New Dance Order web series.

The series is set in 2085, 100 years after Rock in Rio was born. Its goal is to encourage the audience to think about how humanity should face the challenges of the future at an era in which technological developments and artificial intelligence may completely transform the world and human relationships.

“Beyond transforming and giving new meaning to the space, both in its structure and technology, with memorable moments, concerts, fireworks, and scenery, we have innovated on how we present New Dance Order to the audience”, adds Claudio da Rocha Miranda, director of New Dance Order.

New Dance Order will have over 60 attractions in a completely new stage at Rock in Rio. The stage will host 12 hours of performances every day, from 4 PM to 4 AM, with the best DJs in Brazil and in the world, such as The Martinez Brothers, Nervo, Vintage Culture, Cat Dealers, Robin Schulz, Felguk, Vini Vici, and many others. For a taste of what this space will bring to the City of Rock, DJs Bhaskar, Liu, and Barja were in the Rock in Rio Sessions stage in the afternoon of Wednesday, September 04, to show what their sets have to offer.

“We are very excited about New Dance Order. It will be a space with a life of its own within Rock in Rio. There will be 64 attractions bringing the best of dance music to our festival. Beyond that, we will have exclusive content for that stage, adding a futuristic view of what we want to present in that space”, says Luis Justo, Rock in Rio CEO.

Starting from that idea of electronic music bringing digital and futuristic elements, the concept of New Dance Order and the web series were created to tell the story of this huge stage, which will be 65 meters long, 24 meters tall, and include lasers, fireworks, and special effects.

You can watch the web series at: