Rock in Rio audiences need to be aware of what items can and can not enter the festival. The important thing is to be comfortable, therefore it is allowed to bring backpacks and bags with essential items to enjoy a whole day in the Cidade do Rock.

During the day, sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap are a good choice. In weather becomes chilly in the evening, so don’t forget to bring a sweater. In case of rain, the best way to protect yourself is a rain cover. Umbrellas will not be allowed.

To get likes on the social networks, there will be many opportunities to take gleeful pictures. From the giant sneakers at Rota 85, celebrating the first edition of the festival, to the traditional shot with Mundo Stage in the background. So that you don’t miss any moments you will be allowed to bring a mobile phone charger and a semi-professional camera.

In Rock in Rio you will find many options for eating. If you prefer to bring your own snack you will be allowed to enter with industrialized products (cookies, cereal bars). Sliced fruits and sandwiches will only be allowed sealed in transparent ziploc bags. The limit is five units per person, so it does not configure commerce.

A list of allowed or forbidden items is available on the event website:

Attention: What can’t enter the Cidade do Rock

For the safety of the consumers, objects that may be considered dangerous are not allowed, such as:

-        bottles of any kind, size or material (examples: mineral water bottles, squeezes, etc.), except plastic bottles for water consumption, provided they have no lid. The lid can be removed by security at the entrance or anywhere in the event (see item 7 about drinking fountains);

-        rigid packaging with lid (example: tupperware plastic pots);

-        cans;

-        helmets;

-        firearms or melee weapons of any kind (knives, pocketknives, etc.);

-        chairs/stools;

-        umbrella;

-        sharp objects;

-        piercing or cutting objects (scissors, paper knives, tweezers, nail clippers);

-        fireworks, explosive devices, signaling devices, and incendiary apparatus of any kind;

-        glass, plastic or metal objects (perfumes, cosmetics, including deodorants of any kind, toothpaste or toothbrush);

-        drinks (in any type of container);

-        skate, bicycle or any type of vehicle motorized or not;

-        Styrofoam box, cooler or any kind of storage utensil.

-        selfie stick (self-portrait extender)

-        items that can be used for ambush marketing

-        poisonous and/or toxic substances, including illegal drugs.

-        banners or posters containing messages or symbols with business advertisement.

-        Access will not be allowed with food that is intended for commercialization or that may pose a safety risk. A limit of up to 05 (five) items per person is set, preferably: (a) processed foods properly sealed (examples: crackers, toast, cereal bars, etc.); (b) fruits cut and stored in transparent, non-rigid “Zip Lock” packaging; and (c) sandwiches in a transparent, non-rigid “Zip Lock” packaging. Any amount exceeding this limit may be discarded at the entrance of the event.

-        Pets are not allowed into the Cidade do Rock, except properly identified guide dogs intended to care for the visually impaired.