Rock in Rio 2019: Espaço Favela will have a special menu featuring the most iconic foods of the local communities of RJ

Espaço Favela is one of the new attractions of the world’s largest music and entertainment festival. In this edition, not only will Rock in Rio give a voice to the local communities through musical performances, but also cooking talents will also have the chance to present their food to the 700,000 people on the seven days of the event. Overall, 18 entrepreneurs from Rio de Janeiro’s communities were chosen by Sebrae and will have their products sold in the three bars in Espaço Favela.

The selected chefs will offer the Rock in Rio audience creative items in their menu. The menu will include foods from various communities, such as those produced in Sabor Brasileiro da Providência, Barbara dos Santos do Fallet/ Fogueteiro, Frango Chef do Alemão, RG Burguers da Vila Kennedy, João Diamante do Andaraí and many others. The delicacies are just what the doctor ordered: pumpkin croquette with sun-dried meat, oxtail risotto with watercress, feijoada dumplings, tapioca, aipim with ground beef, meatballs stuffed with cheese, dadinhos de tapioca, pig in a blanket, vegan acarajé, etc. Palha italiana and different types of brigadeiro are some dessert options on the menu.

The Sebrae project aims to provide support to food micro entrepreneurs as it provides formal training short courses and business management consulting. Selected entrepreneurs had the chance to learn how to adapt their products to the event and learn insights into large-scale production, market positioning and methods to increase the visibility of their business. According to Sebrae, the main goal is to enable local entrepreneurs to learn about the B2C to B2B transactions, as they will sell their products to other businesses.

Rock in Rio’s Espaço Favela will be very colorful and vivid and will feature more than 30 music, dance and cultural performances. The program includes: SLAM battles, rappers who rose to prominence on the internet, new and renowned baile funk acts, rock, jazz and heavy metal bands, samba group and the well-known “Orquestra Maré do Amanhã”, which has toured all over the city. Espaço will also receive three performances by the theater group Nós do Morro, each day. The group has 40 members.

Selected businesses include:

- Sabor da Loura (Providência): 20 years ago, Rosana Damasceno, born and raised in the Providência community, decided to start a food business in the favela with a varied menu, but with a must-have Brazilian ingredient: pumpkin. Rosana, also known as the Pumpkin Queen, promises to go down in history at Espaço Favela Bar with her Sun-dried Beef Pumpkin Croquette on Oct 3 - 4.

- Sabor Brasileiro (Providência): 27 years ago, Juciara Brasileiro was surprised to realize that she had a way with cooking. As she quit her regular job to dedicate herself to her special needs child, her vocation for food became her family's source of income. She will be bringing to Espaço Favela Bar her promising Oxtail Risotto with Watercress, on Sept 27, 28 and 29.

- Potti-Poá (Vila Kennedy): Lucianna has always been in love with deserts. She began to make deserts for the family and get-togethers with her friends. However, in order to curb the financial crisis, she decided to make money out of her passion. So, in 2016, Potti-Poá opened its doors: a company that has great potential to include more items on its menu and serve its audience with tasty delicacies. At the Espaço Favela Bar, Lucianna will delight us with her Palha Italiana: a guilty pleasure for dessert lovers. The audience will have the chance to taste this delicacy in the seven days of the event.

- Frango Chef (Morro do Alemão): Moved by financial needs and a natural talent for the kitchen, Cíntia Machado Alves started to produce hot dogs, broths and shish kebab on the street. As her business was thriving, she decided to make a dream come true: to have a food truck. In keeping with her possibilities, she bought an old van from a church and revamped it to make it a fully equipped authentic food truck. Taken over by a genuine entrepreneurial spirit, after doing some market research, Cíntia realized the dream of having her own point of sale in the community where she was born. For our Cooking Experience at Espaço Favela Bar, at Rock in Rio 2019, on Oct 5 - 6, Cíntia will be making the Feijoada Dumplings, filled kale, bacon and sun-dried meat, a food that is very representative of the Rio de Janeiro favelas.

- João Diamante (Andaraí): A native of Bahia, but a Rio-chef at heart, João Batista, a resident of the Andaraí Favela, is the creator and coordinator of the social project “Diamonds in the Kitchen”. At CADEG – Rio de Janeiro Municipal Market – João Diamante, he gained popularity and created a space called “Na Minha Casa”, where he creates different foods. One of its highlights, the tapioca balls, will be served at Espaço Favela Bar on Sept 27, 28, and 29.

- RG Burguers (Vila Kennedy): After being kicked out of the Merchant Navy, Guilherme Pisente da Silva opened RG Burguers in Sept 2016. Inspired by his family, Guilherme that there were no homemade burger joints in the community where he lives or in its surroundings. He created the RG brand, in a reference to the national identity card, because he can create more than five thousand combinations for his burgers. Quality products and originality make RG a reference in Vila Kennedy, in the West side or Rio. Today RG counts on three delivery staff members to deliver his food to the community. He is opening another store in the favela and plans to keep growing. Guilherme will be taking his chances on the flavor and authenticity of aipim and ground beef balls at Bar Espaço Favela, in Rock in Rio 2019, on Oct 3 - 4.

- Delícia das Meninas (Vidigal): Fabiana Barbosa has been a resident of Morro do Vidigal for 15 years. As she was looking for a pleasurable occupation, she began baking ten years ago. “In the beginning, it was like therapy. I just can’t stop it now. I got addicted to it.” Delícia das Meninas started with a store in Vidigal and today clients can have their sweets delivered to their homes, in an effort to keep up with the modern times. In its business model, respect for customer service and the selection of quality ingredients are some of the highlights of the brand. Delícia das Meninas takes to the Espaço Favela Bar in Rock in Rio 2019, two delicacies: its popular Brigadeiro Gourmet, which will be sold every day of the event and the mouth-watering meat ball with cheese, to be served on Oct 3 - 4.

- Cantinho da Rô (Morro dos Tabajaras): It all started in the home kitchen 17 years ago, when she decided to produce packed lunches and deliver around. Today, with its cozy space called “Cantinho da Rô”, Rosângela serves homemade food every day, and the feijoada she serves on Saturdays has become the star of the menu. Cantinho da Rô serves major companies and locals in the community. As she wants to take the feel of her restaurant in the Favela dos Tabajaras to Espaço Favela, Rosângela is taking her chances on her sausage rice balls, inspired by her popular Saturday feijoada, to conquer the audience of Rock in Rio, on Oct 3, 4 and 5.

- Regado a Sabor (Morro da Babilônia): In 2017, after completing her degree in Environmental Engineering from PUC, Fernanda found her true vocation as she joined the program Entrepreneurship in Gastronomy, offered by Sesi in partnership with Sebrae. She called her mother, Elianor, and both of them completed the practicum and theory training on how to run a food business. The course included topics from food safety to business planning. In the final project, as she needed to “create a business”, she conceived Regado a Sabor. “Our company started out as an imaginary business,” the young entrepreneur jokes. In actuality, the products are very real and offer us incredible flavors with a very typical ingredient of Brazil: tapioca. To brighten our taste buds, Regado a Sabor will be serving the Dadinho de Tapioca at Bar Espaço Favela, at Rock in Rio 2019. This product will be served on Oct 3 - 4.

- Vera Meireles (Complexo do Alemão): At the age of 7, cooking was already part of Vera’s life, as she worked with her mother, an excellent cook, in the family's pizza parlor. As she saw her mother make the foods, her talent sprang up and she devoted herself to a great passion: cakes and artistic sweets. Vera started small, as she took only a limited number of orders. Then she had to quit the job with her mother to raise her daughter. And today, 27 years after that, Buffet Vera Meireles is a sensation at Rio de Janeiro’s parties and events. The very typical Rio de Janeiro ambience and giving the right value to the favela foods, Vera leaves cakes and artistic sweets aside and grace us with her cheese balls, an explosion of unforgettable flavors. This product will be served on Sept 27, 28 and 29.

- Mirante da Floresta (Nova Coréia): Rodrigo grew up in a family who believed that food was synonymous with party. His grandparents worked with “wedding cooking” and he has always had a cooking attitude running through his veins. As he moved to a place that reminded him of his childhood landscapes, Rodrigo set out to open a restaurant that would connect people with the countryside. In this restaurant, which uses wood stoves, people would open the doors and rekindle childhood life. Rodrigo will take this delightful feel, as he will be serving his rice balls, his Grandma's recipe, to Bar Espaço Favela, in Rock in Rio 2019. This homemade delicacy will be served on Oct 3, 5 and 6.

- Cheirinho de Dendê (Comunidade do Fallet/Fogueteiro): Rosa Perdigão is the daughter of an acarajé street vendor from Bahia and, not surprisingly, she is the Culture Counsellor of Rio de Janeiro. Working as an entrepreneur for ten years, Rosa realized the need to disseminate this culture in African-Brazilian religion houses. Given the desire to disseminate the culture of this extremely Brazilian dish, Cheirinho de Dendê will make its presence felt at Bar Espaço Favela, Rock in Rio 2019, with the Vegan Acarajé. A blend of the Brazilian attitude and the Bahian flavor, this acarajé will serve an audience that usually does not have many options of food to choose from. This is creativity as we know it! Acarajé Vegano will be another item on the list of products that will be available to the audience of Rock in Rio on Oct 4, 5 and 6.

- Caliel (Morro do Salgueiro): A native of Rio, born to Zona da Mata miners, since the early 1990s Marcelo's family had been making bread for a living in the community. After a number of investments, as he realized that the favela business would be profitable, in 2012 Marcelo leaves his eight-year job as auditor of a large company to accomplish his family's dream and starts Padaria Caliel. In view of his family history, the business model goes far beyond the production of bread. At Caliel, gastronomy and culture go hand in hand. Several meals are served and the bakery is home to various events, such as poetry soirees. All very tasty, in a cozy atmosphere. For Rock in Rio 2019, at Espaço Favela Bar, Marcelo chose to bring to the venue the cheese and ora-pró-nóbis empada, which will be served on Sept 27, 28 and 29.

- Digs (Cantagalo - Pavão- Pavãozinho): One day, to please the six-month-pregnant wife of their first child, realtor Rodrigo risked baking a platter of healthy brownies. This was how Digs came to life. In addition to producing traditional recipes with wonderful flavors, he took his chances on exclusive zero sugar, zero lactose and zero gluten brownies. Business has been booming and today, brownies can be found in various parts of Rio de Janeiro in their Bike Brownies and at parties and events. Rock in Rio audiences can enjoy Brownie no Pote at the Espaço Favela Bar on the seven days of the event.

- Maré de Sabores (Maré): Born and raised in Maré, and with a degree in Gastronomy, Mariana Aleixo had early access to renowned spaces. She realized that she could have a great impact within the community by helping women seeking certified professional training in gastronomy to enter the job market. In partnership with Rede das Marés, Mariana managed to start her project with a gastronomy workshop that had 120 women enrolled. This first group was the initial step to be taken for the creation of Maré de Sabores. In addition to providing training, it connects these females to issues of gender and society and equip them to reflect upon and take a critical attitude about the weaknesses they will face in the program. Maré of Flavors graces us with food, culture and art. To taste anything made by these women is to experience the history and ancestral character of Maré. At Espaço Favela Bar, in Rock in Rio 2019, we can see this explosion of culture and knowledge with the Polenta Balls with sausage ragout and aipim with roast beef, on Oct 5 - 6.

- Caldo da Nêga (Morro do Fallet/Fogueteiro): Caldo da Nêga opened its doors 15 years ago as its owner, Bárbara, faced the need to increase her income after she got separated from the father of her daughters, who were 6 and 3, respectively. On a given day, as she was walking by her house, she realized that many people stayed up until late on the street drinking but had no options to eat. This was how Barbara spotted her first market niche and created Caldo da Nêga. Nêga broths and delicacies embody the affective memory and appreciation of homemade food, the authentic Brazilian popular food - simple but passionate and heavenly food. In Rock in Rio 2019, Barbara will present us with her Baião de Dois balls, with the flavor of Brazil, at Espaço Favela Bar. This delicacy will be served on Sept 27, 28 and 29.