In 2019, we will have the best Rock in Rio ever. Welcome to a world of experiences!

We are always thinking about the best Rock in Rio ever. That is how we built the brand for this gigantic event, considered the largest music and entertainment festival in the world. And to excel each year we count on you, who above all, believe in this dream as much as we do. 

We hope this huge entertainment park that we have become will be the source of lots of amazing content. And also countless possibilities for stories of this brand that excites so many fans from Brazil and other countries. Rock in Rio was born here, in Rio de Janeiro in 1985, and has traveled the world and crossed continents. There are 20 editions in total that bring the image of the Wonderful City to the world with the collaboration of each of you. 

Let us once again show Rock in Rio's ability to mobilize people based in music, and transform lives while reinforcing that here, there is no nationality, we are “All for a Better World”. 

In the Rock in Rio 2019 Press Guide you will find all the information about the biggest and best edition of the festival. You will get to know the performers who will present, the attractions that occupy each of the 17 festival areas, the details of each stage, the new venues, show times, food options, sponsor and supporter participation, the toys scattered around City of Rock, and the means of transportation...  Everything to be prepared for the coverage of this mega event. 

Our team is ready to assist in each of the venues of City of Rock. Count on us for creative ideas. Share your experiences and anything else you want to tell us. 

Best wishes and rock and roll.

Beth Garcia, Fabiana Guimarães and the Approach team